Publisher is someone or company who publishing our advertise on they website/blog and earn benefits from it.

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as a publisher you will get payment $0.00025 from each your website/blog viewed.

earn other benefits if you join us:
Bonus sign up US$1,
Yearly membership bonus US$1.
website statistics
You have 10 pages at 1 website/blog. I visit your website/blog, visited 8 of 10 pages at your website/blog 2 times everyday. So, here is a profit you can earn every month:

$0,00025 x 8 x 2 = $0,004 (day),
$0,004 x 30 = $0,12 (month).

Only from 1 visitor, me. The calculation outclude registration bonus & yearly membership bonus.

Let me give another example:
your website/blog visited by 1300 visitor everyday, accessed 9 pages 6 times/day/visitor, then we make calculation for this example:

$0,00025 x 9 x 6 x 1300 = $17,55 (day),
$17,55 x 30 = $526,5 (month).

$0,00025 = commission/view
9 = total pages viewed by each visitor everyday
6 = total visited each visitor everyday
1300 = total visitor everyday
30 = total day on a month